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Curran Nanotechnology Transformation Group (CNTG)

Amplifying Transformative Nanotechnology Innovations
The Curran Nanotechnology Transformation Group (CNTG) is a unique team of industry leaders focused on accelerating the path from invention to market, simplifying the process of connecting students and business innovators with inventors, and demystifying nanotechnology solutions.


Each year, the Curran Nanotechnology Transformation Group selects 3-5 Nanotechnology Research Projects to consider, evaluate, and promote.

The CNTG is positioned at the intersection of invention and innovation. We are focused on bringing nanotechnology innovations to market. From state of the art testing, pragmatic education, and dynamic programs designed to amplify the understanding and integration of nanotechnologies, the CNTG ignites your efforts, propelling your projects to success.

Dr. Seamus Curran in laboratory.
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Latest News

Dan Kelly's photograph

The Next Generation CIO

Chief Innovation Officer Ken Russell talks with Dan Kelly on the Negotiator Guru podcast.

Source: The Negotiator Guru

Photo of surgical mask

Improving Protection: Nanotech Coating improves protective abilities of surgical masks

Nanotech Coating Developed by UH Researchers Improves Protective Abilities of Surgical Masks.

Source: University of Houston

Dr. Shay Curran Headshot

Combatting the spread: Helping healthcare workers on the frontlines fight off COVID-19

UH professor Dr. Seamus Curran has developed a waterproofing solution that can protect personal protective equipment like N95 masks from small droplets of coronavirus.

Source: Houston Chronicle

Moving technology from bench-top to commercial products

Our capabilities in Material Synthesis, Advanced Technologies, and Chemical Engineering include:

  • Synthesis
  • Spectroscopy
  • Microscopy
  • Nano-printing
  • Transitional chemical engineering
  • Prototype development
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    2020 Research Projects

In 2020, Dr. Shay Curran is leading the Research Project with a theme of “We CAN Make a Difference!” Anchored by two educational programs: Demystifying Nano and Beyond STEM, Dr. Curran and his team are leading the way with demonstrating how even a single idea can make a big difference!

This year, our Research Projects are: 

Repelling Coronavirus (sponsored by Curran Biotech)

Our team is currently working on a coating liquid / spray that repels small molecules, including the Coronavirus. We’re soliciting additional funding to get the repellant tested and vetted as an agent that can not only repel the virus, but kill it on contact. This spray can be used on any fabrics or porous materials, preventing the virus from penetrating the material and killing it within about 30 seconds.

Hydrophobic Bio-Sensor Wearable Fabrics

Our new material is sensitive to biotelemetry changes (especially changes in body temperature). This is valuable in the production of wearable fabrics designed to integrate with new and emerging technologies (IoT, AI, ML, etc.) that connect and convey information via connected devices.

If you would like to sponsor this research, which is ready for testing, please contact us.

Optical Limiting Materials

Interested in next generation broadband solutions? Motivated by increased network switching speeds and performance? The team’s research in this area has been phenomenal, with breakthroughs in nanocoatings that fundamentally change the opportunities and implications for technology, military, and security applications.

If you would like to sponsor this research, which is ready for testing, please contact us.

Repellant masks
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Dr. Shay Curran, PhD
CEO, Integricote,
Associate Director, AMI

Dr. Shay Curran is a recent winner of the highly coveted National Academy of Inventors Fellowship and over the last several years has scaled up base technologies developed in the physics department at UH into full-fledged marketable products. Through his hands-on experience, he obtained valuable knowledge in addressing the numerous challenges in scaling up basic research to manufacturing through his company C-Voltaics (currently known as Integricote) where he produced both energy generators for the solar market and coating for the solar industry.

Dr. Curran re-purposed his coating technology from solar (glass) to fabrics, plastics, masonry and wood and he gained experience in meeting a broad range of customers. He also led the manufacturing scale up from lab beaker scale to mass production. Dr. Curran’s company has introduced products to the market, partnered with a distribution companies in the masonry arena for sales over multiple states along the east coast. The company’s products are expected to be available nationwide in the near future.

Dr. Seamus Curran
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Ken Russell, PhD
Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. Ken Russell is a respected technology leader/coach and organization builder. A technology pioneer, he developed early Intranet systems for large banks which led to his participation in developing one of the first successful Internet-based training platforms. He was a valued voice and key influencer in the development of the North Carolina Research Campus (which focuses on Human Health, Agriculture, and Nutrition), leading the technology (as CIO) for the renowned Murdock Research Institute (DHMRI). Dr. Russell is a Research Professor in Physics in the University of Houston’s Department of Mathematics and Physics.

Ken Russell
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Becky Scott, MBA
Chief Marketing Officer

Becky Scott is a leader in organization transformation. With successes at Cisco, Khoros, Cloudera, TEDxSanDiego, and many others, she understands how marketing in the digital age is constantly changing. Leveraging social media, communities, gamification, and more, Becky helps the CNTG connect with members, partners, and sponsors.

Becky Scott
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For more information about becoming a member or sponsoring a CNTG project, please contact Jackqueline Owens at or 713-743-3563.



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