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From Lab To Market


Investment in manufacturing accounts for 75 percent of private company R&D and 60 percent of private company R&D employees


AMI consists of 14 UH faculty members with expertise in transitioning research projects to manufactured and marketable products


More than $25 million was acquired for AMI programs, including $3 million from Industry sponsors and $3.5 million from the state of Texas Emerging Technology Fund.

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Research Thrusts

Advanced manufacturing is expanding, world-wide and substantial investments are pouring into the field. AMI is a leader in manufacturing research because of its diverse disciplines. Most centers for advanced manufacturing specialize in one or a few areas. The ongoing research, especially in superconductor wire manufacturing and roll-to-roll manufacturing of crystalline semiconductors, is unique and not typical areas of expertise of any other academic manufacturing center nationwide.

  • Superconductor Wire Manufacturing
  • Roll-to-Roll Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Flexible Electronics Manufacturing
  • Chemicals Manufacturing
  • Battery Manufacturing

The Future of Manufacturing Is Here

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