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While most advanced manufacturing centers specialize in one or a few areas, AMI's diverse disciplines and research thrusts have established the institute as a leader in the field. AMI's ongoing research, especially in superconductor wire manufacturing and roll-to-roll manufacturing of crystalline semiconductors, has established a strength of expertise unparalleled by any other academic manufacturing center nationwide.

Research Thrusts

Superconductor Wire Manufacturing
• Lower cost and increased throughput by manufacturing equipment/process innovations
• In-line QC tools for consistent high performance
• Integration of superconductor technology in power applications
Spinning wires
Roll-to-Roll Semiconductor Manufacturing
• Flexible electronics devices including sensors
• Radiation detectors
• Energy harvesting devices
• Energy storage devices
• Building glass products and high-efficiency photovoltaics
AMI facility equipment
Flexible Electronics Manufacturing
• Manufacturing of 1D nanomaterials-based soft electronics
Critical current measurement system
Chemicals Manufacturing
• Recycling rare-earth Clean Energy Smart
• Manufacturing with CESMII
Battery Manufacturing
• Manufacturing of all-solid-state batteries

By The Numbers

AMI has been awarded more than $25 million for its research programs.

  • $3Mfrom industry sponsors
  • $3.5Mfrom the State of Texas Emerging Technology Fund
  • $5.6Mfrom the Advanced Manufacturing Office of the U.S. Department of Energy

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